Gaming Tips and Tricks 87 Castle Burn Showcase and Review

Hello, dear reader, I hope you’re having a good day. I’m not being paid to write this blog, and it contains my impressions from playing Castle Burn on iOS. You can check out my YouTube channel at Lunar Nebula LLC Gaming to see Castle Burn in action.

Bluehole PNIX, Inc created Castle Burn. Castle Burn is a free-to-play RTS game in the same vein as Clash Royale. The differences pertain to your strategy, how you unlock different tiers of cards to play and always have those cards available once unlocked, and in expanding your territory. There are enough differences for RTS fans to like, and similarities to Clash Royale for Clash fans to find common ground.

Castle Burn is rated 9+ on the App Store. The main issues I can think of are seeing units fall once beaten. There may be some light cursing, yet I haven’t seen any in dialogue after playing for several hours. The game wants you to grind for gold, cards, and rubies; yet it presents new players quite a few resources to boost them.

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Disclaimer: I’m not being paid by Bluehole PNIX, Inc or anyone else to write this review. The only money I could make would be through advertising on this site or on YouTube at this point in time. I don’t take responsibility for the content on sites linked to from this article.

by Brian Petrilli AKA Jalinon

Star Wars: Force Arena – Gaming Tips and Tricks 5

Hello, dear reader, I hope you’re doing well. If you’ve ever played Clash Royale and you wished you had Luke Skywalker as a unit, you’re in luck! The game plays like Clash Royale except you have a commander avatar (hero) character which allows you to summon troops. Such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and so on. If you like the idea of combining a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with the card playing mechanics of Clash Royale, then I think you’ll enjoy this game. Star Wars: Force Arena is available for free in the App Store and is a game created by Netmarble. I’m not being paid to write this article, and it contains my advice and opinions for when you start the game.

  1. Princess Leia and ranged heroes are easier to play. My opinion here is based on experience. I believe Netmarble tried to rebalance the game because of this issue. Still, the commander avatar must be alive for you to play your cards. (summon troops and use abilities) So, if you can pick off an opponent when they are surrounded by your troops, you can press your advantage. Smart players stay back from the front lines unless their deck supports an aggressive strategy. Ranged characters can harass melee heroes from afar and run behind their own troops for protection. Note, heroes have different passive and active abilities and can play very differently. I do not believe the game is balanced yet and things will change. For now, take advantage of the chaos.
  2. You will unlock heroes through missions, or quests. Eventually, you will have 2 quest lines available. At the end of the first quest line, you can choose a hero to unlock. That quest line will end, but you can continue to unlock heroes through the second quest line that requires you to finish about 8 missions each. Missions can require as long as multiple game sessions, or be as simple as opening a booster pack you saved from yesterday. I suggest completing missions before opening card packs for this reason. I don’t know if every quest unlocks the same heroes for everyone. I unlocked Tarkin, Boba Fett, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian first. I chose to unlock Emperor Palpatine on the intro to the game quest line.
  3. Cards have counters and special abilities. Some cards have different numbers of troops or special effects. For example, the Stormtroopers are weak rush troops with a ranged attack. The Sandtrooper has an area of effect grenade for clearing out infantry.
  4. There is a 2v2 game mode. If you ever wanted to team up with a friend in Clash Royale, Star Wars Force Arena has that capability. This way you could make specialized decks that can balance out your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Logging in daily is worth it. You get multiple boosters per day which refresh after every few hours. This means you can get up to 6 or so boosters of cards, gems, and credits per day just for participating. It’s a great way of keeping in the game. I believe the game gives fewer gems as to compensate for this bounty of cards.
  6. Some heroes are very popular and will have a harder time matching with opponents. Princess Leia was the best hero when I first started before the last update. Her passive allowed you to rush with troops and she could make ranged attacks. Because of her capabilities, it was hard to match with opponents. Sometimes I had to switch to a lesser hero to save time.
  7. The best support ability is probably the aerial assault. The X-Wing and Tie Fighter support cards cover a large range and can take out groups of small enemies, end turrets, and hurt heroes. Other support cards I’ve tried don’t have the same quality or versatility. The poison grenade doesn’t seem to do enough damage at this time to defeat any troops. The stun grenade can be useful, but its area of effect is more limited and your enemies remain on the field.

I am currently level 7 and playing as Jalinon. Please comment if you have any more information to share with people and help with their journey. I hope this has been helpful, dear reader. Have a good day and may the Force be with you!

by Brian Petrilli AKA Jalinon