Hello, my name is Brian Petrilli (AKA Jalinon on my YouTube channels). I am the owner of Lunar Nebula LLC. The mission of Lunar Nebula LLC is to provide stellar entertainment and services to our readers and clients!

The homepage of the site contains some of my blog posts, and the links page has external links leaving the site to showcase our work, like Golden Pigeon, on other sites. The links also include some helpful sites that we don’t control. Be warned that some links may not be family-friendly. I’ll do my best to post a warning about a site if it isn’t family-friendly or may contain such material. You can contact Lunar Nebula LLC through the Contact page if you want to request any commissioned work like graphic designs, writing, and editing. The owner’s and consultants’ online portfolios can be found on the links page.

The company is currently producing Lunar Nebula Gaming, Lunar Nebula Art, and Lunar Nebula Reading online videos on YouTube and Odysee (LNG, LNA, and LNR).

Golden Pigeon as an online comic is currently on hiatus after completing part 1. I worked with Satoshi Machihara and Marina Dargitz to bring Golden Pigeon to life. Let us know if you have any writing, art, or graphic design needs! 

The “Gaming Tips and Tricks” blog is now covered by Lunar Nebula Gaming videos which can showcase these games in greater detail. Older blog posts are titled “Heart and Business” and are about the company, behind-the-scenes work at Lunar Nebula LLC, and should contain some helpful links for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The company also has Facebook and Parler accounts.

Have a great day!