What Resources Are There for Making a Comic?

Time and patience are essential to making a comic. Or you can have super hands. Seriously though, if you like drawing you know a good picture or single subject can take quite a bit of effort to create. The thing about comics is they usually contain multiple scenes. One way to mitigate this problem and save some time is to simplify the artwork. Or, it could be your life 8 hours a day every day (if not more than that). Another solution, which this company has pursued, is to get more people to work on the problem.

This is a fairly casual company with very little start-up capital. The contractors have to buy their own equipment, and none of us have much experience with making comics beyond enjoying them as readers and fans of art. So what are some ways to gain some drawing experience without going through an expensive school or art program? Well, nothing beats practice. However, you want to make sure you practice the right things. Thankfully there are many artists out there who want to lend a helping hand to the newbies. There is quite a bit of advice you can find online through YouTube, artists’ websites and community forums like deviantART. Mark Crilley is one of my favorite YouTube artists, and he covers a lot of different subjects. Offline you can find resources at the library for the very good price of: free.

Some of my favorite resources are how to draw books. My favorite authors are Christopher Hart, Burne Hogarth, and Bill Tilton. What’s nice about having a physical book is that you can trace drawings to practice lines. It’s also very easy to show someone the reference you are trying to draw, and then ask them whether your drawing appears similar to the book’s. Finally, I’m going to stop writing and give you some links. Note that no one has paid me to promote them or given me any promises to direct traffic to my site. This is all content that I have found helpful, and I hope you will also!

Links: (note that not all links are family-friendly)

For art practice:
Mark Crilley’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCno-YPZ8BiLrN0Wbl8qICFA

Sycra’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dyu9y0EV0cSvGtbBtHw_w

Proko’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClM2LuQ1q5WEc23462tQzBg

For designing comics:

For online hosting of comics:


and you can Google search for other sites.

Have a good day, dear reader.

How Lunar Nebula LLC Came into Being

Hello, dear reader, happy Halloween! I am Brian Petrilli and I created Lunar Nebula LLC due to some unforeseen opportunities. This blog will report some of the things I’ve learned during my time as a fan of comics, an amateur artist, and a business owner. I will do my best to include links at the bottom of articles to helpful or fun websites. In the future I hope to write more about the behind-the-scenes work of Lunar Nebula LLC, but this first article is about the company’s creation.

The creation of Lunar Nebula LLC has its roots in my hobbies. I love comics. I have enjoyed Foxtrot by Bill Amend since middle school, I learned to appreciate manga in high school, and I now read web comics daily. One example of this enjoyment of web comics would be how I read, and re-read, the online comic Girl Genius in the space of a month (it is wonderfully eccentric with a bit of adult humor thrown in). The natural next step for a lover of comics is to try and make an online comic.

There have been roadblocks. Some of the obstacles between me and creating a comic were school, and a lack of business knowledge. Once I graduated from college, school was no longer an immediate problem. I also learned from my business degree the basics of starting my own company.

My next step was to find other people with a similar passion for comics and time on their hands. Satoshi and I have known each other for a while and have discussed artwork in the past. I had been holding onto an idea for a newspaper style comic strip for over a year and we had talked about it briefly. This conversation led to the creation of Hippo-Campus. However, Satoshi and I had also come up with another idea, Golden Pigeon. Satoshi mentioned this idea to his friend, Jordan. Jordan was excited by the opportunity to enhance his own skills and decided to join our endeavor to create comics and offer consulting services.

Since then I’ve had to learn more about writing comics, creating a LLC, research contract laws, and develop my website design skills. It has been quite an experience. I plan to enjoy traveling down this path with other passionate creators. If we make money in the process, then that is a plus.
Here are some links to Foxtrot and Girl Genius:



(Note: Foxtrot is rated G in my book, and I would give Girl Genius a PG or PG-13 with a strong leaning towards PG-13)

To create an LLC in Colorado go to: