The Lunar Nebula Gaming channel is dedicated to bringing Let’s Plays, game reviews, and giving parents information about the content on mobile games.

Featured Content: Nexomon, Stardew Valley, Pirates Outlaws, and other iOS gaming videos by Jalinon.

I do my best to show the game’s rating before the video’s main content starts, and I don’t cuss in my commentary. The warning at the start of the video (or age rating on the thumbnail) should give you information to discern if the video’s content is appropriate. An example video is below. Clicking the logo will take you to the Gaming channel.

Lunar Nebula Gaming

The Lunar Nebula Reading channel is dedicated to bringing digital reading tips, health tips, reviews, and book recommendations. Once again I keep my commentary profanity free, but the content I review or recommend is most likely not going to be as family-friendly!

Featured Content: Kindle Unlimited Review, Reading Health Tips, and Webtoon app review.

Lunar Nebula Reading

The Lunar Nebula Art channel is dedicated to bringing digital art entertainment, a few tips, maybe future reviews, and mostly focuses on Vector art using Affinity Designer on iOS. Once again I keep my commentary profanity free. Some of the subjects I may talk about in my commentary videos could touch on things like other YouTube artists who I’ve found helpful (but may feature profanity or nudity in some of their videos. I don’t control their content and I may not warn viewers of every possible objectionable thing). Most of my commentary should be family-friendly!

Featured Content: Speed art videos, Fan art, Paper Mario Style Nintendo characters, and more to come!

Lunar Nebula Art