LN Reading YouTube Channel!

The Lunar Nebula Reading (LN Reading) channel is now online! It is dedicated to making reading apps more accessible, reviewing books, and giving parents information about the content in stories they may want to think twice about.

Current Content includes: Kindle Unlimited Review, Webtoon Review, Author Profile: Brandon Sanderson, and more to come!

I do my best to not spoil the books and content I review. That said, readers should have a much better idea of whether a story I review or talk about would be one to enjoy or to annoy. I lay out the story elements I enjoyed, the ones I believe could be a deal-breaker for readers, and what I think the target audience is for the story. By the end of my videos, parents should also have a better idea of the content contained in the stories I talk about and whether a story is acceptable for them and their families. I apply the same approach to reading app reviews.