Hello, dear reader, I hope you’re having a good day. I’m not being paid to write this blog, and it contains information based on my opinions from playing Sdorica -sunset- on iOS. I’ve played events and gotten to chapter 3 in the storyline quest. You can check out my YouTube video at Lunar Nebula LLC Gaming on Sdorica if you want to see the gameplay in action. Sdorica is a free-to-play RPG (role-playing game) where you’ll collect characters, level them up, learn new skills, and unlock their highest tier for high-level quests. The game features in-app purchases to speed up currency collection, experience gains, and unlock characters. You need an internet connection to play it. The wonderful Story Mode has a variety of artwork and cutscenes to help you care about Sdorica’s world and characters. There are no ads.

Sdorica is rated 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence. There are some curse words too so maybe bump that rating based on your family’s tolerance for mild cursing. An example of the violence expected is Saturday morning cartoon level or 16 bit RPGs like Final Fantasy. Enemies simply fade when defeated.

Sdorica looks like a living painting. It’s well-animated with a variety of art styles featured in the game. Sometimes cutscenes look like a sketch (probably a reference to the Book of the Bequeather you’re reading as the Watcher), but, most of the time, Sdorica is a living canvas. Sometimes the audio doesn’t mesh well with the scenes your Watcher friend takes place in during trips back to the menu, but I haven’t had any issues with the Journey scenes. The game is a feast for the eyes, the sound effects add punch to your actions, and Sdorica’s core gameplay requires strategy with a bit of luck. You must choose what attacks to activate and when.

Time: Sdorica isn’t energy-based. Some events and daily quests have a number of attempts per day. Sdorica’s Story Mode is generally quick to play with levels taking a few minutes to defeat.

Pros and Cons: Sdorica is fast to jump into yet takes a bit of time to master thanks to the large roster of characters with unique abilities. The game looks beautiful. I expect nothing less from Rayark, the makers of Implosion. The cons I’ve found relate to the nature of the game itself. If you don’t like some amount of luck in activating your skills or free-to-play paywalls (can be overcome with time investment) then you probably won’t like Sdorica. I can’t think of anything bad to say about it other than the occasionally weird audio sync during the cutscenes in the menu. Sdorica gives new players a lot to start with (including some good characters in terms of utility), requires a bit of thinking to play, and overall is fun to play while engaging you in its story.

Overall Impression: If you love RPGs and want a free one, playable in bite-sized chunks; then Sdorica is in the App Store waiting for you! If you don’t enjoy free-to-play games, matching orb mechanics, or RPGs games, then Sdorica may not be for you.


  1. Always tap on the character select circles – Sdorica’s missions allow 3 active members, an advisor from your roster, and a guild advisor. Sometimes the circles will appear to be crossed out or locked, yet will still allow you to select allies! Always check so you won’t experience any headaches on missions!
  2. Pay attention to Orb effects by holding your finger down – Each skill is different on every character. When missions swap these around willy-nilly, you can lose track of abilities. It doesn’t take much time to take a deep breath, focus, and hold your finger down for an extra second. It can prevent quite a few mistakes! If you decide not to activate a skill, simply drag your finger towards the fight scene above the orbs and release after you no longer see any orb effect list. You can also pull down to the bottom of the screen to deactivate selected orbs.
  3. Orbs slide from right to left – Think of the game as a weird Tetris. The left side is the bottom of the board, and the right side is the top. When orbs are erased from the board, new orbs will slide down from the right. The easiest way to make 4 orb skills happen is to remove blocks on the right and let new orbs flow left to a chunk of 3 existing orbs. If you have a T formation of 4 orbs and want to use your 2 orb skill twice, remove the vertical middle 2 so the other 2 will slide together.

Extra tips: You’ll want to unlock characters to get achievement rewards! Easiest to reach SR rank with your 3 starters. You can’t level characters beyond your Watcher Level. The Dance of Heroes event provides more Watcher XP the higher level your Watcher is, so do it last! Items can be hidden in the Region Explore background (they glow gold though).

I hope the review and tips help you out, dear reader! Time to find your memories on Sdorica!

Links: The App Store link is at https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/sdorica-sunset/id1079395220?mt=8.

An in-depth explanation for beginners at https://www.reddit.com/r/SdoricaSunset/comments/702dz1/a_little_beginners_guide/ . I highly recommend this progression guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sdorica/comments/8e44et/some_tips_on_progressing_faster/.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid by Rayark or anyone else to write these tips. The only money I could make would be through advertising on this site or on YouTube at this point in time. I don’t take responsibility for the content on sites linked to from this article.

by Brian Petrilli AKA Jalinon